Can You Get Special ‘Cloud’ Hosting at Down-to-Earth Rates?


You can now, because our Business-Class PODS Hosting is rather special...

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PODS start at € 7.50 per month!

A Whole Box of Benefits

PODS hosting comes with many benefits but the most important one is probably its ease of use.

  • There is no other hosting system that offers everything you need pre installed combined with the PODS benefits.
  • Each POD comes pre-configured as a ready to go email and hosting webserver with the tools you need installed for your site.
  • You get all the benefits that you would get when using a real server for your hosting, without the need to know how to manage and configure it.
  • No more Sharing!

    With our new PODS hosting your resources are dedicated to YOUR website, just like a dedicated server - but without the extra cost!

    This means that you are no longer sharing the system with other clients. Your mail server is hosted inside your POD which offers much greater security and you no longer depend on a shared mail server’s health!

    Best Value for Money!

    Firstly, our special “Pick Your POD” system allows us to give you the scalability of cloud hosting, the private resources of a dedicated server or VPS – and all for around the same kind of cost as one or two conventional shared hosting accounts!.

    That means you can have Business-Class hosting facilities, tailored to you and YOUR business needs, without spending the usual hundreds of dollars or Euros every month!

    “Finally we have all the control we need.”

    Hans Wassink CANNERS mediaproductions

    “Our ecommerce clients are unanimously satisfied!”

    Alex Proudnikov Whamapps

    “If you really want to have your security up to scratch!”

    Jan Willem van der Meij Iburo